Relocation - On the Move to Berlin

The decision has been made: you and your family are making that big move to Berlin! This is where the excitement begins … and the many, many decisions.

Where should we live? Should we rent or buy? What daycare or school will my children attend? Will they still be able to play baseball/soccer/hockey, be on the swim team, do ballet, continue Scouting? And what makes the Germans tick, anyway?

The key to a successful relocation is a home to match your needs, a great (international) school for the kids, and a solid understanding of the German culture.

"For over 16 years I have been helping families and individuals to make their move to Berlin a smooth one."
Jennifer C. Sager
Relocation Specialist Jennifer C. Sager, Berlin

Let me help you

As a German-American, having lived in several different countries myself, I know exactly what it means to have to relocate and face the issues of settling into a new culture. Further, as a mother of two, I understand the many complexities that children can add to that mix. I have been there and can take you by the hand and share my experience and knowledge.

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As a freelance real estate agent in Berlin-Zehlendorf, I can also assist you in selling or renting out your property in Berlin and the surrounding areas.

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